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Moving My Blog

Decided to move my intermittent blogging over to a simpler system (for me) using GitHub pages.

My old musings still exist at Mental Hopscotch but I want a new, simpler place with more control if I wanted to do some other things.

So I forked https://github.com/barryclark/jekyll-now and can use PyCharm for git pull/push, etc. for the editing (no local server running - who needs it?) but equally I can just edit directly on GitHub if I want.

Added a comment system using GitHub Issues based on this article by Aleksandr Hovhannisyan and Ari Stathopoulos ideas (yes, I know it requires you to have a GitHub login to leave a comment, but that gives me a form of filtering and identity verification for free - and you can always DM me or eMail me with a comment)

Written on February 28, 2021
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