I’m a technologist with over 35 years of experience, starting as a child in the 1980s. I’ve always been hands-on with technology. I learn best by doing. I need to understand how the new things fit with the old things, so I can make good decisions and advise others on decisions. I was described as “the guy who likes to turn the cutting-edge into the bleeding edge by applying it” by a very well-known techie (no name-dropping!), and I think this describes me very well. I like new ideas but only those that add value in an understandable, practical manner.

I’ve worked in many industries including Engineering, Investment Banking, Telecoms, Sports Betting, FinTech, Publishing, Entertainment Media, Transport, and Government Services. I’ve founded, built, and sold start-ups, as well as worked for huge corporations. These days I am in CTO roles or CxO advisory roles. For example, I was Group Technology Director (a.k.a. “Chief Data Wizard”) for J.K.Rowling’s Pottermore and The Blair Partnership, and I’m currently Chief Technology Advisor to the CIO and Executive Board of the Met Office

I’ve picked up lots of accolades, prizes, and patents along the way. I’ve also picked up notoriety - I am noisy and not shy about sharing my opinion, and love a good discussion/argument (especially in a pub). This has lead to things like FFSTechConf organised with long-term friends of a similar stripe, and I was an early eXtreme Tuesday compatriot. I was a founder and CTO of Connextra, where we came up with the seemingly controversial “As a…I want…so that…” story form and other common practical elements of Agile practice which people like to grumble about.

If you’re not breaking eggs there’s not even a possibility of an omelette, right?

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